Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yet again, I find myself leaving long comments on other people's pages and then reposting them here. It seems kind of vain, but fuck it. I've been meaning to write about this for a while and this is as close as I'm going to get for now. In response to Gynocide: The Holocaust of Women, which is awesome and you should click it.

“Patriarchy doesn’t simply paint us as ‘less than’ men, it paints us as the enemy and every man as a warrior. ”
Yes. This is something I’ve noticed and have been thinking about lately. A note I wrote in my diary: “*Male egos depend on constantly seeing females as DIFFERENT from them. Meanwhile, women are consumed with the desire to be seen as THE SAME, worthy of his human status.*”
This revelation came about when my best friend told me some of the things her current boyfriend says to her. Basically, he’s a jerk and I hate him. He thinks he’s some sort of “liberal” sensitive guy – who could hold his own with me on a discussion of feminism, of all things – but then he sends her texts about how she’s just screwing him over “like every other woman” and “this is why [he doesn't] trust women.” baaaaaarf. And he complains about how she doesn’t make him feel like “a man” and this hurts his manly feelings. And my friend who is not much of a feminist had the exact same response I did: what the fuck does that even mean and what does it say about our relationship if the idea of being like me, a woman, bums you out?
“Emasculate” is my least favorite word, it’s such a bogus concept! Manhood must be cherished and upheld – the division between manly men and lowly women cannot falter! It’s telling there’s no equivalent term for a woman’s “femininity” being threatened. Femaleness is a tolerated evil, who gives a shit? Femaleness itself is an insult!
Meanwhile, any perceived lapse in ~masculine comportment~ is such a tragedy that an entire word exists to refer to it. Men put SO much stock in upholding masculinity and “manhood” and and the supposed differences between men and women – all while claiming to love women and not be sexist pigs, and no one ever calls them on the fact that what they are REALLY saying is, “I am not like a woman. I am not like one of THOSE.” Women strive for “equality,” ignoring the fact that it is impossible to be “equal” to someone whose entire identity is caught up in being essentially different from you (and thus, historically, ‘better’ than you for that reason).
ANYWAY, I really liked this article.

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  1. good comment! There is a somewhat related term for women. A term like "spinster." (old maid is another). Spinsters are supposedly sexless women. Point being they are not attached to a man. But who is responsible, according to patriarchy? The woman, of course. A woman is "sexless" due to her own being. A man is de-sexed due to a woman. According to this, it's always a woman's fault and also about sex. ugh!

    I liked Sheila Jeffreys book about spinsters. "The spinster and her enemies" is the title. It says a lot.